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Throughout The Year

Take Action

National First Aid Campaign. A campaign that’ll cover common situations that people can feel helpless in when in fact an immediate action can very much save the victim, whether a loved one or a stranger’s life.

Teddy Bear Hospital 

Teddy Bear Hospital is an event which helps children get over their fear of doctors. A simulated hospital where a teddy bear is our patient and your child is his doctor!

Stop The Bleed

Bleeding accidents are a common cause of death worldwide, and in a country where road-traffic accidents are common, knowing how to react to a bleeding person on the spot will come in handy.

Sports Week

Sports week was an event that helped relieve our students of stress, by organizing mini tournaments and workshops throughout the week.

National Day Carnival

The Power Of You

As we reach the end of the academic year, everyone needs a dose of motivation to keep them going, which is exactly what this event offered our students!

Hospital Visits

During the hospital visits, we aim to familiarize our preclinical students, especially freshmen, with the clinical setting.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign 



Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


White Coat Ceremony

An acceptance ceremony organized for freshmen, which welcomes them into medical school

Art Week

Med School Essentials

An event which allows freshman to have the opportunity to learn the basics of medicine, such as Stop The Bleed, CPR, and many more.