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Learn About Our Committees 


Standing Committee of Medical Education

We aim to help out students by organizing review sessions and study groups, and by distributing important summaries and booklets, which benefit all our students. We also aim to implement important changes to our faculty's curriculum.


Standing Committee of Freshman Affairs

We aim to help out freshmen by distributing important summaries and booklets, as well as organizing study groups and review sessions.


Standing Committee of Human Rights & Peace

We aim to familiarize students with human rights, peace, and philanthropy. We also organize humanitarian trips, where we provide essential vaccines and medical care to those in need.


Standing Committee of Professional Exchange

We aim to provide our medical students with the opportunity to experience healthcare in another country with different health systems and cultural beliefs.


Standing Committee of Sports & Hobbies

We aim to encourage our medical students in pursuing their hobbies by organizing enjoyable events. We also try to relieve our students from the stress of studying and exams.


Standing Committee of Public Health

We aim to raise awareness about public health issues and prevalent diseases within our society. In addition, we collaborate with national and international public health organizations to promote positive changes within our community.


Standing Committee of Research Exchange

We aim to introduce students to the principles of medical research. We also provide our students with an opportunity to participate in these researches.


Standing Committee of Facilities & Renovation

We aim to provide the best environment for our students to study and learn. We also aim to renew facilities that are no longer up to our students standards.